Faker’s Iconic Outplay against Ryu


SK Telecom T1, Worlds Season 3 Champion (2013)

If you have even the slightest interest in eSports, chances are high that you are familiar with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok from the professional eSports team, T1 (previously known as SK Telecom T1 or SKT T1). He’s a three-time World Champion in League of Legends and is considered the greatest League of Legends player in the world. He made a name for himself in the eSports world when he pulled off a mind-blowing play during the 2013 HOT6iX Champions Summer against KT Rolster Bullets, his first attempt to win as champion on the World stage along with his teammates. The shout casters of the game whose reactions contributed to the excitement of this highlight was DoA and MonteCristo, veteran casters of the LCK.

In the LCK summer finals game 5, SKT T1 and KT Bullets played Blind Pick in League of Legends, wherein they can pick any champion (once on each team) and no champions will be banned. SKT T1 Faker and KT Bullets Ryu happened to pick the same champion which was Zed. Their 1v1 play is considered the most iconic play and casting moment in League of Legends history.

SKT T1 Faker and KT Bullets Ryu’s 1V1 battle

The iconic moment began when Faker tried to push aggressively toward the enemy team’s inhibitor tower in mid-lane. Faker was simultaneously attacked by Ryu and the enemy inhibitor tower diminishing his health to 25%. Ryu went all in and what fans didn’t expect was Faker’s next series of moves. He survived Ryu’s ignite and avoided the death mark ability by using Distortion with the help of his Quicksilver item. He then used Flash and Shadow Slash, ultimately killing Ryu’s Zed. This intense battle got the shout casters and the audience in their seats, wondering who was going to win. Through SKT T1’s team effort, they emerged as champions of the League of Legends World Championship 2013.

Faker’s unparalleled skill and game sense were truly remarkable which contributed to his skyrocketing success from Rookie to World Champion. That moment didn’t only give his team an advantage against KT Bullets, propelled his eSports career, but also cemented League of Legends tournaments as one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of eSports. Now,

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