Iconic Play from TI 5: The 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam


The “6 Million Dollar Echo Slam”

Valve Corporation puts on an epic Dota 2 tournament every year called The International, where the top teams from around the globe compete for massive cash prizes and glory. You read that right, The International has another entry to our list of most memorable moments in eSports.

In 2015, different teams around the world competed for Valve’s crowdfunded $18,000,000 prize pool in The International 2015 (TI5). Evil Geniuses won the lion’s share which was over $6,000,000, making them the first American team to win The International against China’s CDEC Gaming. But what made this tournament really memorable is the “6 Million Dollar Echo Slam” by Evil Geniuses.

The actual Echo Slam move

During the late game, it seemed like every player knew they had to step up their game if they wanted to be crowned champions. CDEC Gaming decided to go for Roshan but what they didn’t expect is that “ppd” and “UniVeRsE” were waiting for the proper timing to execute their play.

Evil Geniuses quickly unleashed Ancient Apparition’s Ice Blast and Earthshaker’s Echo Slam ability to initiate a team fight and then they strategically used this moment to their advantage to wipe out CDEC Gaming’s entire team ultimately led to Evil Geniuses’ victory. Both the shout casters and the spectators were astounded to have witnessed such a historic play.

The champion, Evil Geniuses (Credit: Valve)

The battle against Evil Geniuses and CDEC Gaming was a spectacle, each of them pulled off impressive strategies and team coordination. It was a legendary moment that serves as an example of what the community can expect when the best of the best players come together and compete against each other in eSports tournaments.

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