The Legendary “Daigo Parry” in EVO 2004


eSports tournaments highlight the phenomenal skills, strategies, and quick reflexes of players making these events a must-see for gaming enthusiasts. The intensity of every eSports match makes the whole experience exciting for both players and spectators.

During the Evolution Championship Series 2004 (Evo 2004) in Las Vegas, a legendary match in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike dubbed as the Evo Moment #37 took place and is now widely recognized as one of the greatest moments in eSports history. The players involved were professional Street Fighter players from Japan, Daigo Umehara, and top American player Justin Wong.

“Daigo Parry” moment from ShackNews

The highlight of the said match was “the parry” moment that Daigo was able to pull off despite all the odds he faced. Based from Capcom, “Parry” is a risky but highly-advantageous tactic in which the defender can effectively block an incoming attack without taking damage, as long as they manage to move towards their opponent’s direction during the same time the strike lands. Daigo had to predict when Justin would start his Super Art Move in order to successfully execute parry and counterattack.

Evolution Championship Series 2004 (Evo 2004) photo from evo2kvids

In the final round of their thrilling battle, Daigo’s character had only a sliver of health left thus most of the spectators assumed that Wong’s going to win especially when he launched an impressive 15-hit combo. However, Daigo managed to parry all 15 hits from Justin’s combo attack and had enough time for counterattack. Daigo ultimately won the round and the crowd loudly cheered to celebrate this historic moment in eSports. Even though he didn’t emerge as champion, what he did became one of the most memorable moments in eSports.

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